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The anonymous bulletin board for confessions, questions, rants, venting, secrets, whistle-blowing or saying what's really on your mind  
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About Penmask     

Why Penmask?

Many of us can recall the cartoon above, or similar ones. It dates from a time before Facebook and Twitter, when websites didn't require your verified email and phone number to have an account, and certainly didn't offer your personal information to third parties so your activity could be tracked across the web.

Whilst the vast majority of modern sites state that your privacy is important to them, it doesn't stop them requiring your vital information and sharing it with others, often through bad practices. The current EU cookie legislation has simply given companies more power to push cookies onto your browser. How many times have you selected Accept All, simply because you couldn't face a giant popup screen.

Penmask requires neither your email nor phone number, and certainly not your actual name. It does not track your location. You may post confessions and enquiries with true anonymity, and others can comment similarly (if you wish them to.)

Age restriction

Penmask is for the over 16's. For those under 16 seeking advice, we have compiled a list of websites here.

Join / Register

Penmask will offer you a limited selection from the 355 billion unique names it can create. It will give you a password that you cannot change. Be prepared to write the details down.


You need your Penmask name and password to log in. These are assigned to you when you create an account. If you forget either of them, that's too bad, there is no reminder function. Just create a new Penmask name. There is also the option of a unique URL that you can bookmark on your browser for instant access.

Is Login necessary?

No, you can view most things without logging in, including creating your own posts and commenting on others. Being logged in also means you can bookmark posts and favourite writers and generally enjoy more from the site's community.

Site Moderation

Users can report spam posts with a click, and an automated system will take action. Users can alert Penmask admin to potentially illegal posting, however bear in mind that legality varies between countries. Penmask admin reserves the right to suspend and delete any accounts or posting without appeal. After all, these are just words and not attached to any person.

Your Privacy and Safety on Penmask

Penmask is all about words, and not your identity. Do not give your email, phone or real name to anybody you interact with on Penmask. They literally could be anybody, and the chances they have your interests in mind are slight.

This website, business enquiries

Advertising. Contact Mr Penmask if you wish to advertise on this website. This will mostly take the form of pinned posts with a desired zone.

Running your version of this website. The code runs on resource files so can be translated into other languages.

The developer is very experienced in MSSQL and ASP.NET. Contact Mr Penmask if you require the assistance of such a programmer.

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