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The anonymous bulletin board for confessions, questions, rants, venting, secrets, whistle-blowing or saying what's really on your mind  
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User Guide (worth reading!)     

Recent List

The 'home screen' both for visitors and logged in users is the Recent list. This shows all recent posting activity. At the top right you'll see various ways of sorting that list. There is a search box, which indexes user names, post titles and zones.

You will probably find many things that don't interest you but this can soon be remedied with...


This shows you all the zones (there are also sub zones for very specific content). You can click to get a list of recent postings just in the selected zone.
Logged-in users can collect their favourite zones, which are accessible in the My Zones button.

My Zones

For logged-in users this is like their home page, showing all the topics they are interested in and ignoring the rest.


Logged-in users can collect writers to follow (like subscribing to). You'll see the follow option offered sometimes, though not all writers want to be followed and they can choose not to enable this feature.


If you find a posting and its comments of interest, you can click the bookmark icon. All your bookmarked postings will list when you hit this button.

My Posts

For logged-in users, all the posts you make are listed here. Both those made with your login name and the alternate names you use.


Anyone can write a post, even if not registered or logged in. The website will create a random name for it.
When writing a post, the logged-in writer has some options.

  • Postings are 'draft/private until the publish option is chosen. In the same manner a post can be returned to draft/private.
  • Whether postings can be commented on is the authors' choice. This can be switched on and off at will. All existing comments are unaffected.
  • Postings can and should be marked as adult or disturbing when necessary. Thumbnails of photos are not showed in the listings if thus marked. Care should be taken to put posts in the correct zones.
  • Although you as a writer already have an anonymous name, you can opt for a random name given to a posting. The author can still see those posts in My Posts (and read replies) but readers will not be able to track it back to the main user (login) name.
  • Logged in users can upload one image/photograph per posting.
  • Logged in users can makes polls, which have up to 5 options, and set the poll's duration.
  • YouTube videos can be posted. Just paste the URL into the body of the text and the website will take care of the rest.
  • Writers can delete any comments and also blacklist commenters if there is some kind of abuse.

Reading and Commenting

Most writers are glad of feedback and have the comments option enabled. Logged-in readers can do the following:

  • Give a thumb to a post or comment to indicate that it has worth.
  • Mark a post as spam. The website will automatically delete a post once a required number of spam markings are made against it.
  • Bookmark the post to keep track of it and its comments.
  • Comment on the post. There is also the option to mark the comment private so only the commenter and poster can see it. The poster can do similarly.
  • Delete your own comments.
  • Alert Penmask if there is an issue with a post. We'll deal with any alerts as a matter of priority.



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