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The anonymous bulletin board for confessions, questions, rants, venting, secrets, whistle-blowing or saying what's really on your mind  
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Privacy Policy     

One of the most serious privacy policies on the internet.


Penmask.com does not use cookies, and will not put a cookie on your browser. Nor will any of our advertisers.


Penmask does not require an email to set up an account, nor is there a place on our database it can be stored.


Penmask does not require your phone to set up an account, nor is there a place on our database where your phone number can be stored.

Your name and password

Penmask allocates your user name and password. You cannot change either of them. In this way they are not idenfiably yours.

IP Address

Penmask does not store your IP Address, even though it is automatically sent as part of any interaction you have with any site. Much as it would be interesting to know in which country you reside, your privacy is more important that our curiosity.











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