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Anything goes (here) Just saying!Hisho Sokutt
Cute logo

Pen on mask!...more


Anything goes (here) Just saying!Fava Tareeg
Why is this site so fucking quick?

It´s like a desktop app. No google analytics I´m guessing....more


Anything goes (here) Just saying!Fava Tareeg
Not the prettiest site...

but really easy to use. Let´s read some posts....more


Politics UK [Misc]Hisho Sokutt
Who do you intend to vote for in the next UK election

Who do you intend to vote for in the next UK election...more


Politics UK [Misc]Freme Jitwak
Facial recognition



Politics USA TrumpHisho Sokutt
Will Trump get re-elected in 2024?

What do you think?...more


Politics USA [Misc]Freme Jitwak
What's happening in Maui?

This is pretty weird. Direct Energy Weapons? It´s a land grab by the so-called elites, isn´t it? At least we will know where to find them when the time comes for the public lynching....more


Protests [Misc]Freme Jitwak

The truth https://www.youtube.com/shorts/CwdvOMlgTB0 ...more


Politics USA [Misc]Odatro Ofakak
What's in your fries

Honesty, why does food have to be so complicated?...more


Royal Family (UK) [Misc]Brotro Boknerd
Platinum Jubilee

It was a grand four days. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Lots of spectacle....more


My Life MyselfPradi Bidrec
No more sex in my 60's

In my 60´s. A lady wanted to stay over. I told her I wasn´t interested, and besides we´d had more than enough to drink! It´s very different to my pre 30 days! Honestly I don´t even care for a cuddle these days. I don´t mind. In fact it takes some of the awkwardness out of it. I´m done. I´ll settl...more


Covid-19 TreatmentsBrotro Boknerd
Banned from Twitter again for mentioning Ivermectin

They really are scared aren´t they!...more


Celebrities Thoughts on a celebVisi Soloc
What a shame

I have many favourite celebrities over the years but I´m so disappointed at what I am reading, seeing and hearing nowadays Why are so many of these great actors part of satanic cults? Why do they think that drinking blood is good for them? Why are there so many paedophiles in the celebrity...more


Relationships [Misc]Freme Jitwak
How to let go of the sadness?

Almost a year since my mother died April 30th to be exact. Still having trouble letting go of the sadness. Guilt and regret I can deal with. In fact I don´t see why we should let go of them. But sadness? I need to figure this out. It affects me every day. Even when people thing I´m okay if I´m so...more


Covid-19 VaccinesVerka Stekneg
Is it your experience that most infected people have had the vaccine?

That´s certainly mine. I know that the unvaxed can get the virus, but speaking personally, the people I know who are not vaccinated (inc. me) can´t seem to catch this thing....more


Covid-19 VaccinesOmatro Xobaz
The more I read...

... the more I worry about the vaccine. Its succcess rate is poor. My uncke died shirtly after his second jab. No way an I taking the jab....more


Covid-19 TreatmentsFreme Jitwak
Where can I buy Ivermectin?

I don´t need it, but I or somebody I know might want it in the future. I´m in the UK....more


Television etc [Misc]Jikna Lowat
Anyone watching GBNews?

What a breath of fresh air....more


My Journal [Misc]Prazo Aruzez
I've been slipping

I´ve been slipping. Money is not quite so tight and perhaps flushed with my weight-loss and budgeting success, I´ve got careless. Tomorrow, I´m going to restart my diet/budget challenge. £15 for the week. OMAD if possible. It´s tough, but hunger aside, I like how it makes me feel, and I especiall...more


Politics UK [Misc]Daily Question
Your thoughts on preaching in the streets

Preaching in the streets. Civil right or annoyance? What do you think? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9521123/Moment-police-arrest-elderly-preacher-71-street-quoting-homophobic-statements-Bible.html...more


Covid-19 VaccinesLetro Sledim
Israel and the vaccine. There is no "back to normal!"

From Twitter: Hello, my name is Gal, I am an Israeli citizen, and I want to convey this urgent message to the world: Contrary to what you are told, Israel has not "returned to normal" in any way 2/ Moreover, despite the desire to create a setting as if there was a full and normal routine her...more


Medical problems [Misc]Sobo Kesmast
I just got billed 6000$ for a 5 hour hospital visit.

Long story short, I went into a doctor´s office for a COVID test in January, and expressed how my anxiety and depression have been making me feel recently. The doctor immediately called the police and I had no choice but to get a ride over to the ER, get blood work done, and talk to a social worker ...more


Covid-19 [Misc]Yara Cralton
Big Pharma's Rape Of All Mankind

Entertaining and enlightening! Watch: banned.video/watch?id=6088376b1875f60f7fd18dce...more


Covid-19 VaccinesFreme Jitwak
Mom Takes Pfizer Kill Shot, Breastfeeds 5 Month Old Child...Baby DIES

The mRNA is deadly. It permanently alters you. There is no going back. This is an experiment. They don´t know what will happen. bitchute.com/video/QtVPEvCWoz4S...more


Politics UK [Misc]Daily Question
How long will Boris Johnson be Prime Minister?

We all thought it would come down to the virus, corruption or something else. Could it be decided by choice of wallpaper?...more




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