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Prazo Aruzez writes...     
My Journal[Misc]
I've been slipping
I´ve been slipping. Money is not quite so tight and perhaps flushed with my weight-loss and budgeting success, I´ve got careless. Tomorrow, I´m going to restart my diet/budget challenge.
    £15 for the week.
    OMAD if possible. It´s tough, but hunger aside, I like how it makes me feel, and I especially like the reduction in bathroom visits!
    Reduced items from my local mini-supermarket will make this work. I go there at around 9pm and pick up whatever I can at a big reduction. It says an ´eat-by´ date, but it´ll usually be okay for a couple more days unless my senses say otherwise.
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Jikna Lowat wrote on 07-Aug-2021 at 00:47
Living on little is a strangely satisfying experience.

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