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Sobo Kesmast writes...     
Medical problems[Misc]
I just got billed 6000$ for a 5 hour hospital visit.
Long story short, I went into a doctor´s office for a COVID test in January, and expressed how my anxiety and depression have been making me feel recently. The doctor immediately called the police and I had no choice but to get a ride over to the ER, get blood work done, and talk to a social worker just to be prescribed some anti-anxiety meds that cost me about 10$.
    Today I check my mail and I get slapped with a $6078 bill. I don´t even have that much to my name. It´s half of what I make in a year for a 5 hour visit where I talked to a dude and the doctors told me that "I should be fine". I expressed that I didn´t want to go due to not having the funds for a hospital visit, but the doctor said it was non-negotiable.
    I understand that she was worried about me, but fuck that doctor. 6000$ is such a fucking slap in the face for some mental health issues. If anything, I want to fucking kill myself more now. I´m a full time student with a part time job. Why is the cost of living so high????? Why is the healthcare system just completely fucked, even with insurance????
    I didn´t ask for any of this, and now I´m being hit with the repercussions of wanting some professional mental health, and at this point, I honestly may have to file for bankruptcy at 22 years old.
    I legitimately can´t afford to be alive. It´s not feasible. Fuck this country.
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