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Freme Jitwak writes...     
Where can I buy Ivermectin?
I don´t need it, but I or somebody I know might want it in the future. I´m in the UK.
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Brotro Boknerd wrote on 01-Jun-2022 at 01:34
Update on the ziverdo-kit... 2 out of 2 success rate. Negligible to very mild covid experience. 3 kits left for local friends!

Brotro Boknerd wrote on 01-May-2022 at 13:56
I bought from India (Ziverdo-kit). I started the Ziverdo-kit as soon as I tested positive, and the waited for the covid symptoms. There weren´t any. Does it work? I can´t say for sure as perhaps I would have been the same without it. I have a few kits left from friends, so maybe I´ll know better then.

Unregistered wrote on 09-Feb-2022 at 11:09
Try Ziverdo-kit.com

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