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Freme Jitwak writes...     
How to let go of the sadness?
Almost a year since my mother died April 30th to be exact.
    Still having trouble letting go of the sadness. Guilt and regret I can deal with. In fact I don´t see why we should let go of them. But sadness? I need to figure this out. It affects me every day. Even when people thing I´m okay if I´m socialising.
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Mr Penmask wrote on 06-Sep-2023 at 19:42
Consider having time with a therapist/counselor if this is weighing you down. Hate to be the bringer of bad news but all your family and friends will also die. It´s hard, but I always take the view that if other people can handle it, so can I. And so can you. Take care.

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