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My Journal [Misc]Prazo Aruzez
I've been slipping

I´ve been slipping. Money is not quite so tight and perhaps flushed with my weight-loss and budgeting success, I´ve got careless. Tomorrow, I´m going to restart my diet/budget challenge. £15 for the week. OMAD if possible. It´s tough, but hunger aside, I like how it makes me feel, and I especiall...more


My Journal DietingPrazo Aruzez
Day 7 of my £10 a week diet journal

This morning I weighed 94.9kg, that´s 1.9kg down in 7 days. It´s the lightest I´ve been in more than 10 years. If you were following from yesterday you know that I have only 47p to spend on my day 7 food. I failed! Even with a freebie! I ate this morning: breakfast roll and black pudding (...more


My Journal DietingPrazo Aruzez
Day 6 of my £10 a week diet journal

This morning I weighed 95.1kg, that´s 1.7kg down in 6 days. Quite pleased with that as I´m now in the dieting fun-zone where dropping the pounds starts to be troublesome. Ironically I´m doing this by trying to eat as many calories as my budget constraint will allow. This evening I must eat more ...more


My Journal DietingPrazo Aruzez
Day 5 of my £10 a week diet journal

This morning I weighed 95.4kg, that´s 1.4kg down in 5 days. I ate this evening: rice (20p) 330 kcal (boil in the bag, good and cheap. Never buy the microwave pouches!) chicken curry can (99p) 370 kcal (not very nice) sardines can (50p) 200 kcal (I was still hungry and had a little of the rice...more


My Journal DietingPrazo Aruzez
Day 4 of my £10 a week diet journal

This morning I weighed 95.8kg Scottish fry-up for me this evening. I promise to eat healthier tomorrow, if it doesn´t break the budget. 4 sausages (50p) 500 kcal 1 lorne (10p*) 100 kcal 1 black pudding (10p*) 100 kcal 2 eggs (30p) 200 kcal 2 potato waffles (12p) 200 kcal 2 bananas (20p) 2...more


My Journal DietingPrazo Aruzez
Day 3 of my £10 a week diet journal

My evening meal (i.e. only meal) tonight was mince stew with vegetables. Yes, pretty much the same as last night. That´s the problem with living alone with food to use up. *Items bought reduced. 225g minced beef (52p*) 450 kcal onion (22p) 35kcal half jar pasta-type sauce (23p) 50 kcal some...more


My Journal DietingPrazo Aruzez
Day 2 of my £10 a week diet journal

96.4kg this morning. My evening meal (i.e. only meal) tonight was mince stew with a baked potato. At the time of writing I´ve had a glass of red wine from a bottle somebody gifted me. 225g minced beef (52p) 450 kcal half onion (12p) 20kcal jar pasta-type sauce (46p) 100 kcal some mushrooms ...more


My Journal DietingPrazo Aruzez
Day 1 of my £10 a week diet journal

So, I´ve finally started to lose some real weight. That´s the good news. The less good news was that it was due to a shortage of money to buy food. I´m starting to get back on track financially, but I´ve decided to keep going in the same manner. Journals and stats are good, right? I´ll be recording ...more



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