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My Life MyselfPradi Bidrec
No more sex in my 60's

In my 60´s. A lady wanted to stay over. I told her I wasn´t interested, and besides we´d had more than enough to drink! It´s very different to my pre 30 days! Honestly I don´t even care for a cuddle these days. I don´t mind. In fact it takes some of the awkwardness out of it. I´m done. I´ll settl...more


My Life [Misc]Ituco Sitweall
anxiety’s been getting worse lately

i was fine for a while , but my anxiety is just starting to come back to me hard , i quit my job about two months ago and i haven’t done anything since, i got into a car accident, and i’ve just been drinking and smoking and trying to take it day by day because i can’t work right now due to home issu...more


My Life MyselfBlodra Roxev
I’ve been trying to eat better these past two weeks

I’ve been trying to treat my body better due to some old diagnosis I’ve neglected and because I don’t want to be at a point where I will need to depend on medication . Salads, whole grain, oats, baked chicken, fish, fruits, and vegetables were always on the menu. I’m already used to drinking wate...more


My Life [Misc]Aduha Ateagrezz
Sperm Donor

I am a sperm donor and I donate using sex. I specialize in married couples including lesbians. I have impregnated 8 couples so far and will be donating to a married couple in a few days. Though the husbands always give me to follow like no kissing or oral, I always break the rules and give the wife ...more


My Life [Misc]Rengu Wohify
I hate my family

Their lack of guidance when I was young has really done a mental number. Fast food and cartoons were my parents. I never was taught how to process and express my emotions properly. Now that I´m older I´ve been doing a lot of deep thinking inside myself and can see the damage. The last few days have ...more


My Life My FamilyBama Bodroogy
Is it okay to not like your siblings?

I hate them....more


My Life My FamilyLelte Woongort
Just came across this site and and would like to share my store im a lucky 57 year old man

So, my wife and I got a divorce 3 years ago I got the house we lived in she wanted the rental. We have a daughter who is now living and working in another city. I have been living in a two-story house by myself and my daughter was here last year and she pushed me to rent the upstairs to two of he...more


My Life [Misc]Pashi Kudratz
NASA is spying on me with virtual reality laptops

I found a bunch of computer parts in a dumpster in town today. They´re hiding in there using those laptops to beam themselves into your devices. They´re using your monitor just like a window to peek in and spy on us, me and everybody. Holographic people = no crime. No person, just light. That´s how ...more


My Life MyselfPlewa Atanoukk
Tinnitus is driving me to distraction

Some days are worse than others. Silence (or rather no background noise) is the worst thing. Need audiobooks to sleep... or lots of vodka! Anyone know a drug treatment, or something to lessen the symptoms?...more


My Life My FamilyJegu Crooknang
I'm scared my mom might have breast cancer

My sister just told me that my mom is going to go in for a check up on monday for a lump in her breast. Apparently she´s had it for a year but the doctor said not to worry about it. I´m really hoping it´s not breast cancer or anything serious... And if it is breast cancer I hope it´s at least not ma...more


My Life My FamilyVerka Stekneg
My brother 62 really hates our mother, and for good reason...

she´s mean and says mean things. She criticizes his wife and daughters, and he doesn´t want to have anything more to do with her. Problem is, she´s in her 80´s with early stages of dementia. He lives 20 minutes drive from her, I live 700 miles away. Our family is not a loving one, and since our fath...more


My Life MyselfCrate Blowank
How do you stay motivated?

As the title says, how do you keep your determination and motivations when you want to do something (e.g. studying, working out, even simple things like keeping your room clean). Today is my first day that I woke up early and with energy after 3 weeks of staying in bed and not even wanting to sho...more


My Life My FamilyOdero Ateadamp
My husband and I have not had sex since Valentines Day!

Unfortunately, our sex life has been dwindling for the last couple of years due to health issues and medications. But, it has gotten to the point I have no desire to have sex with him anymore and it seems to be the same for him. We are only in our mid 40’s, this can’t be normal. We used to be so pas...more


My Life MyselfAdana Ofogab
I’m just so hopelessly tired of it all

Well, I’m a 28 yo man and the title is just how I’m feeling lately. I’m a lawyer in south america, graduated with honours, work in an interesting (mostly) field and have a job. I’m exploited every day with overtime and no time for myself; I just cannot stand the thought of having to get a masters de...more


My Life [Misc]Gleetra Trercush
Living in a small island, feeling trapped, need to leave

So basically, im from a tiny island in the Mediterranean. Im 32, met my current Gf in japan on holiday. This pandemic really hit us hard. Ive been living on this island nation, malta. Although i am surrounded by my friends i feel isloated, i feel im missing out on my relationship. As my job is not r...more


My Life MyselfBragra Idoupor
I’m being called gay when i’m not and it’s pissing me off

My friend and i got high. We spent hours just walking around and doing dumb shit but then he suddenly started attacking me and calling me gay and i didn’t understand what his goal was. Like what are you trying to accomplish. He spent hours just trying to “prove to me” that im gay when i seriously am...more


My Life My FamilyPale Yarab
My Dad is more anxious about my future than me, and it doesn't help.

I´m a graduate with a job that pays a little above minimum, with my own studio apartment that I rent. My contract for my current job ends in a few months, so I´m on the lookout for a new job. Applying to as many positions as I can find that I think I can do. My Dad has always been the kind to pre...more


My Life MyselfWeyu Itoyum
i found my suicide note from 3-30-21. i failed. and just got out of the psych ward.

obviously my attempt failed. the letter is largely incoherent. mostly misspelled and rambling. i don´t know why i just read it to myself instead of deleting it. i just returned this morning from being locked in a maximum security psych ward for 10 days. it was hell. no windows. only 10 minutes of ou...more


My Life MyselfPlezi Letyaf
I haven’t eaten in 5 days!!

I haven’t weighed myself since covid but I know I’ve gained weight. After easter i decided I’d fast because I have a trip coming up. Pretty happy I’ve been able to fast easily....more


My Life My FearsVane Melter
Everything is crumbling down and I don't have it in me to rebuild anything out of rubble.

I don´t know where to start. I´ve been a miserable person for as long as I can remember. Can´t help but wonder how did I get here. Left my country to study abroad when I was 25. Got into a long distance relationship a couple months before leaving. Was rocky along the way but we pulled through unt...more


My Life MyselfOdosta Vosask
I feel like there’s something wrong with me because I cannot get emotionally attached to anyone

I have feelings, I’m not some emotionless sociopath or anything out of the ordinary. But it has been bothering me so much lately that I can’t get emotionally attached to anyone. Friends, family, my new relationship... I know I love and care for these people but when it comes to emotional attachment ...more


My Life MyselfPrira Queefoms
I'm turning into an alcoholic

Hi, I´m 19... my sister is an alcoholic, my dad was an alcoholic, my mother is turning into one or already is one, her boyfriend is an alcoholic, but I never seemed to understand why someone could possibly be addicted to alcohol. The last few weeks I started drinking more and more. The past 2 yea...more


My Life MyselfSurki Frifong
Today's my birthday and my first thought was to kill myself

I´ve struggling with my mental health for a couple of years, these last couple of months have been hell. I´ve been struggling with suicidal thoughts and intrusive thoughts. My meds aren´t working and I wanna give up. The only good thing I´m looking forward to is seeing my partner. Any advice? ...more


My Life MyselfPiga Grewotz
I Would Never Want to "Be A Kid Again". Not All of Us Had Good Childhoods

Kinda sick of hearing people say how they wanna be a kid again. "Don´t you wish you could go back to being a kid again and be soooo carefree all the time? Never have to cook or clean or worry about anything - you could just watch cartoons and relax!" Honestly, this just sounds like someone bra...more


My Life MyselfCato Xuvart
Not caring about being single and experiencing love is literally the best feeling on Earth

Im 20 years old and have never been in a relationship before. Not because I never wanted one(I did for a very long time) but because I was just never able to meet that special someone. Im not gonna lie I used to be sad as fuck whenever seeing couples in public because it would make me feel like im s...more



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