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Covid-19 VaccinesVerka Stekneg
Is it your experience that most infected people have had the vaccine?

That´s certainly mine. I know that the unvaxed can get the virus, but speaking personally, the people I know who are not vaccinated (inc. me) can´t seem to catch this thing....more


Anything goes (here) Just saying!Verka Stekneg
Racism diminishes when black people stop blaming others for their lack of success.

Don´t get me wrong, many black people are really smart, and they tend not to surround themselves with other blacks. Why? Because they want to be around other smart people, who are mostly... not black. I know this will hurt the feelings of many, but it´s a fact. Step 1. Understand that your biggest ...more


My Life My FamilyVerka Stekneg
My brother 62 really hates our mother, and for good reason...

she´s mean and says mean things. She criticizes his wife and daughters, and he doesn´t want to have anything more to do with her. Problem is, she´s in her 80´s with early stages of dementia. He lives 20 minutes drive from her, I live 700 miles away. Our family is not a loving one, and since our fath...more


Politics UK [Misc]Verka Stekneg
RIP Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

It was a long time coming, but like all things concerning life, sooner or later it happens. Whilst it´s tempting to say that this is the end of an era, in truth it´s actually just another part of the ending of an era, the inevitable prelude to the day of H.M. The Queen´s passing. This transfor...more



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