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Covid-19 VaccinesVerka Stekneg
Is it your experience that most infected people have had the vaccine?

That´s certainly mine. I know that the unvaxed can get the virus, but speaking personally, the people I know who are not vaccinated (inc. me) can´t seem to catch this thing....more


Covid-19 VaccinesOmatro Xobaz
The more I read...

... the more I worry about the vaccine. Its succcess rate is poor. My uncke died shirtly after his second jab. No way an I taking the jab....more


Covid-19 VaccinesLetro Sledim
Israel and the vaccine. There is no "back to normal!"

From Twitter: Hello, my name is Gal, I am an Israeli citizen, and I want to convey this urgent message to the world: Contrary to what you are told, Israel has not "returned to normal" in any way 2/ Moreover, despite the desire to create a setting as if there was a full and normal routine her...more


Covid-19 VaccinesFreme Jitwak
Mom Takes Pfizer Kill Shot, Breastfeeds 5 Month Old Child...Baby DIES

The mRNA is deadly. It permanently alters you. There is no going back. This is an experiment. They don´t know what will happen. bitchute.com/video/QtVPEvCWoz4S...more


Covid-19 VaccinesBruga Stoolteg
My mother possibly died from an adverse reaction to the J&J vaccine. Still, get vaccinated.

Three weeks ago, my mother was vaccinated with the Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. Two weeks ago, she had a hemorrhagic stroke and was declared brain dead two days later. Then the news broke about 6 women developing similar issues after being vaccinated. And anti-vaxers latched on and start...more


Covid-19 VaccinesViye Odoriz
I'm getting a Covid vaccine in less than 5 hours and I'm FREAKING OUT

That´s it, I´m done fuck this country and it´s fucking corruption laden shit hole of a government and fuck it´s people that think burning fucking buildings and arresting reporters is fucking OK. ITS FUCKING NOT OK. Thay call this shit the greatest country in the world but by fuckin god are they wron...more


Covid-19 VaccinesFruho Xolaty
My obese 66-year-old aunt with massive respiratory health conditions received both of her vaccinations.

As did I, a mid 30’s black male. We each had a sore arm. I fell back asleep and forgot I’d even attended my appointment. In case you have nerves (natural), the experience is massively underwhelming. That’s all, take care....more


Covid-19 VaccinesAdava Omurotz

YOU got the vaccine. YOU are protected. YOU should shut the fuck up. I will NOT be BULLIED into getting this fucking vaccine. PERIOD!...more



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