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I´m actually a dog.

Politics UK [Misc]Freme Jitwak
Facial recognition



Politics USA [Misc]Freme Jitwak
What's happening in Maui?

This is pretty weird. Direct Energy Weapons? It´s a land grab by the so-called elites, isn´t it? At least we will know where to find them when the time comes for the public lynching....more


Protests [Misc]Freme Jitwak

The truth https://www.youtube.com/shorts/CwdvOMlgTB0 ...more


Relationships [Misc]Freme Jitwak
How to let go of the sadness?

Almost a year since my mother died April 30th to be exact. Still having trouble letting go of the sadness. Guilt and regret I can deal with. In fact I don´t see why we should let go of them. But sadness? I need to figure this out. It affects me every day. Even when people thing I´m okay if I´m so...more


Covid-19 TreatmentsFreme Jitwak
Where can I buy Ivermectin?

I don´t need it, but I or somebody I know might want it in the future. I´m in the UK....more


Covid-19 VaccinesFreme Jitwak
Mom Takes Pfizer Kill Shot, Breastfeeds 5 Month Old Child...Baby DIES

The mRNA is deadly. It permanently alters you. There is no going back. This is an experiment. They don´t know what will happen. bitchute.com/video/QtVPEvCWoz4S...more


Protests [Misc]Freme Jitwak
Met Police once again provoking people

Met Police causing trouble where there was none... again! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPK6gqEEY5w...more


Technology Ask a questionFreme Jitwak
How can I get rid of Google from my PC?

Today Google revealed to me they knew ALL my passwords. So the whole thing about different and complex passwords for different sites is meaningless. How can I effectively remove Google from my life?...more


Protests [Misc]Freme Jitwak
Is it any surprise that there are riots?

Governments treat their populations like prisoners and think they are going to get away with it. THEY ARE NOT. We will come after them all and make them pay! It´s barely begun. Summer will be blazing if the governments continue with their insane and inhuman plans. https://www.youtube.com/watc...more


Penmask [Misc]Freme Jitwak
This is interesting. Hope you like my new name.

Please follow me. I don´t have a messiah complex or anything, but I like to feel I´m not totally ignored....more



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