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Relationships [Misc]Freme Jitwak
How to let go of the sadness?

Almost a year since my mother died April 30th to be exact. Still having trouble letting go of the sadness. Guilt and regret I can deal with. In fact I don´t see why we should let go of them. But sadness? I need to figure this out. It affects me every day. Even when people thing I´m okay if I´m so...more


Relationships [Misc]Pena Ofurkody
My boyfriend has started seeking treatment for depression. Now I realise how much can depression and anxiety steal from a person.

He was always kind and loving, sometimes his thoughts were a bit dark and pessimistic, but he was almost never mean to me in any way. He had such amazing ideas and things he wanted to do but he never did, and he would always be very sad about not doing anything. Once he even said that if it wasn´t f...more


Relationships [Misc]Farfa Drelmomp
I think I made a huge mistake long ago with my ex girlfriend

This was 5 years ago so my memory is very vague as to what happend fully. When I had just turned 19 me and my girlfriend had been having sex regularly for nearly a year. She was always one who like me to take control and was very quiet and nervous when it came to sex becuase she felt insecure in how...more


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