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Politics USA TrumpHisho Sokutt
Will Trump get re-elected in 2024?

What do you think?...more


Protests [Misc]Freme Jitwak

The truth https://www.youtube.com/shorts/CwdvOMlgTB0 ...more


Relationships [Misc]Freme Jitwak
How to let go of the sadness?

Almost a year since my mother died April 30th to be exact. Still having trouble letting go of the sadness. Guilt and regret I can deal with. In fact I don´t see why we should let go of them. But sadness? I need to figure this out. It affects me every day. Even when people thing I´m okay if I´m so...more


Covid-19 TreatmentsFreme Jitwak
Where can I buy Ivermectin?

I don´t need it, but I or somebody I know might want it in the future. I´m in the UK....more


Medical problems [Misc]Sobo Kesmast
I just got billed 6000$ for a 5 hour hospital visit.

Long story short, I went into a doctor´s office for a COVID test in January, and expressed how my anxiety and depression have been making me feel recently. The doctor immediately called the police and I had no choice but to get a ride over to the ER, get blood work done, and talk to a social worker ...more


Medical problems [Misc]Sarko Joshoung
I have trouble sleeping at night without alcohol.

What prescription meds could help with this? Yes, I´ve tried all kinds of routines, but if I do get to sleep I´m often wide awake soon after. Seldom get a full 7 hours without a drink the night before. ...more


My Life MyselfPlewa Atanoukk
Tinnitus is driving me to distraction

Some days are worse than others. Silence (or rather no background noise) is the worst thing. Need audiobooks to sleep... or lots of vodka! Anyone know a drug treatment, or something to lessen the symptoms?...more


Technology Ask a questionFreme Jitwak
How can I get rid of Google from my PC?

Today Google revealed to me they knew ALL my passwords. So the whole thing about different and complex passwords for different sites is meaningless. How can I effectively remove Google from my life?...more


My Life MyselfCrate Blowank
How do you stay motivated?

As the title says, how do you keep your determination and motivations when you want to do something (e.g. studying, working out, even simple things like keeping your room clean). Today is my first day that I woke up early and with energy after 3 weeks of staying in bed and not even wanting to sho...more


My Life MyselfAdana Ofogab
I’m just so hopelessly tired of it all

Well, I’m a 28 yo man and the title is just how I’m feeling lately. I’m a lawyer in south america, graduated with honours, work in an interesting (mostly) field and have a job. I’m exploited every day with overtime and no time for myself; I just cannot stand the thought of having to get a masters de...more


My Life [Misc]Gleetra Trercush
Living in a small island, feeling trapped, need to leave

So basically, im from a tiny island in the Mediterranean. Im 32, met my current Gf in japan on holiday. This pandemic really hit us hard. Ive been living on this island nation, malta. Although i am surrounded by my friends i feel isloated, i feel im missing out on my relationship. As my job is not r...more


My Life MyselfWeyu Itoyum
i found my suicide note from 3-30-21. i failed. and just got out of the psych ward.

obviously my attempt failed. the letter is largely incoherent. mostly misspelled and rambling. i don´t know why i just read it to myself instead of deleting it. i just returned this morning from being locked in a maximum security psych ward for 10 days. it was hell. no windows. only 10 minutes of ou...more


Technology Ask a questionOrotwu Catwemy
Anyone know of a Twitter video downloader?

The site twittervideodownloader.com just doesn´t work for me now....more


Rant [Misc]Ploora Judromy
Why do so many pens not write?

I can have a whole bunch of pens and not a single fucking one of them writes. Am I missing something?...more



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